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I don't always write shit
But when I do, I don't

- Ritesh Saini


Addicted Developer

Playing with HTML, CSS and JavaScripts has always been a fun thing for me. WordPress gave me a direction to utilize my skills in building a powerful and elegant website.

Avid Writer & Blogger

Avid Writer & Blogger

As a very popular proverb says "Write to be understood". I write the things that I've learnt over time and still learning to grow as a good and resourceful human being.

Adept Entrepreneur

Adept Entrepreneur

As an internet user, you've no lack of opportunities. People spend hours on their social media handles, I utilize the same time and resources in making a living online.

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I'm guessing something incredible could happen. Wanna get in touch with me? Wanna know what it takes to establish yourself as a "Resourceful Personality" online? You can know everything by visiting my about and blog page. Just think of how awesome it would be!

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